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Ⅴenerable, We are descendants of the samurai.

 Details to join WBKL

WBKL-Furinkazan is working, in order that the karate leaders of manystyles(JKF,JKA,Fullcontact,Shotokan,Goju-Ryu,Shito-Ryu,Kyokushin,Okinawa,ju-jutsu,Kyoyushin,etc)should gather , may unitetraditional techniques and progressivetechniques and will create the karate of a new age. WBKL has the curriculum that synthesizes the following each field to achieve such purposes.
Full contact Karate(initial Mas.Oyama Karate),Syotokan-ryu,Goju-ryu,Shito-ryu,Jujutsu,Kobudo,Glove Karate,Light contact Karate,JKF-WKF Karate
WBKL All Japan Karatedo Championship January 13, 2013 Tokyo,JAPAN

 Karate glossary no. 1 About the title of "Hanshi" "kyoushi" "Renshi"

These are a traditional title(称号)and honorary degrees to traditional martial artist (Karatedo,Kendo, Judo, and Kyudo, etc.) in Japan.
These titles are not given becase the Dan degree is merely high . When only he has a longtime achievement, study results and the schooling history, he are given.
The "Hanshi(範士)"is meaning "person who is the paradigm" and is presented to the person who has 9Dan and 10Dan .
The "kyoushi(教士)" is meaning "person who should become text "and is presented to the person who has 8Dan and 7Dan.The "Renshi(錬士)" is meaning "Expert"and is presented to the person who has 6Dan and 5Dan.
Though it looks like the pronunciations of "Shihan(師範)" and "Hanshi(範士)" , "Shihan" is not a title but the meaning of master. A person who has Dojo and teaches in there is called "Shihan" in Japan. However, if he doesnt have 4Dan or more, his qualification as the teacher is not considered. The person of 3Dan or more might be called "Shihan-Dai" (sub-Shihan) as teacher's assistant.
strongly expects the Tokyo
Olympics holding in 2020.

About our organization's name"FU,RIN,KA,ZAN"
 FU)means "It acts speedy as wind" .
hayaki koto kaze no gotoshi〕
RIN)means "It quiet down like a forest".
sizukanaru koto hayashi no gotoshi〕
KA)means "It attacks as fire"
shinryakusuru koto hi no gotoshi〕
ZAN)means "It is satable as a mountain"
ugokazaru koto yama no gotoshi〕
We arranged these four characters風林火山 "Fu'Rin'Ka'Zan" in the "Takeda-bishi" and assumed the symbol of WBKL- Karate. "Takeda-bishi" the symbol of WBKL
The symbol of WBKL originates in the family crest of Shingen Takeda 武田信玄of a great general in the 16th century. At that time ,Japan was Warring Period and famous generals who aimed at the whole country union were competing.
Shingen Takeda was a hero of Samurai and very popular. He died in the near future reunification of Japan.His symbol is called "Takeda-bishi" and the origin has two theories.One originated in the design of the plant water caltrop. And another originated in the Japanese character "田" that is "da "of Takeda.
The purpose of WBKL activities are as follows.

1 Spread of traditional Karate based on Samurai spirit
2 Spread of new style Karate as fullcontact karate
3 Exchange with people who wishes connection with Japan
4Contribute to the educaton of children in the world. 


furinkazan karatedo japan
Training camp for Saiko-sihan and Shihan
May 12, 2013
 New HONBU(headquarters) DOJO starts in January, 2013. The trainee from foreign countries takes training here. It is 77 minutes by the railway from the Tokyo station and 70 minutes by the railway from New Tokyo International Airport..

To you of the experienced person of Karate.
You participate in short-term training camp of four days, and learn KATA of formal, accurate Karate?Cost is 400$ including the Hotel charge. (It doesn't contain transportation. Meal is included) We can prepare the program according to your needs. Moreover, after it completes it, WBKL can issue DAN if you hope. (The charge is separately necessary. )
Please let's challenge.

 1 Karate studying abroad to Japan(a short period andlong period of time)
2 Participation to a national championship of Japan
3 Issue of certificate of Dan and Shihan of Japan Karate
4 Affiliation as a branch
5 Development of curriculum for Karate E-learning, contents, and system. Recognition of DAN , diproma ,certificate,title by interactive Karate correspondence course by Skype and exchange of animation etc. and they.

Countries where WBKL recognizes Saiko-Shihan Chief of branch




 Don't you becoe our friend? Være vores ven og karate/Будьте нашим другом і карате/Olla ystävämme ja karate/Bli vår vän och karate/Soyez notre ami et le karaté/Wees onze vriend en karate/Se náš přítel a karate/Να είστε φίλος και καράτε μας/是我们的朋友和空手道/是我們的朋友和空手道/ہمارے دوست اور کراٹے کی جائے/અમારા મિત્ર અને કરાટે રહો/Ser nuestro amigo y karate/Seien Sie unser Freund und Karate/Būkite mūsų draugas ir karatė/Seja nosso amigo e karate/أن صديقنا والكاراتيه/Jadi teman dan karate/Sa náš priateľ a karate/हमारे मित्र और कराटे रहो/Fii prietenul nostru şi karate


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