WBKLに参加するための詳細update.17 / 3 /2013

 Details to join WBKLup date.17/3/2013

For you who hope affiliation to the WBKL and/or Chief of the branch. There are two notices.

【1】The branch chief should have Dan degree of WBKL.

When you have the Dan degree that recgnized by another organization that has immediately or indirectly relation to Japan, the Dan degree is confirmed by WBKL. You scan your Dan certificate and send to us the date by e- mail.
When your Dan did not so , please send to us the materias that proves your activity ,results and career by e-mail.
The charge of Dan recognition has difference depending on the economical situation of country.
The charges of WBKL change according to the size of "GDP ". The advanced country and the developing country never pay the same charge. For instance, Finland is 120US$, Greece is 70US$, Russia is 30US$, South Africa is 20US$, and Uzbekistan is 10US$ as for 1DAN. In 2Dan, the twice and 3DAN are the three times. Please inquire details in e-mail. (The lowest amount is 1Dan 10$ . )

【2】.Promotion of acquisition of your student's WBKL DAN degree
WBKL recognizes DAN to your student .In that case,You will take a video of candidate's KATA and/or KUMITE, and make to CD, and send it to the WBKL headquarters. WBKL-honbu make your students' DAN certificates in Japanese and send it to you. The fee system is same as above mention. You receive the half as your guidance fee, and the half is paid to WBKL.

When you are OK to【1】and【2】 , WBKL-JAPAN issue "Certificate of International instructor Branch chief " and "Certificate of Dan" to you. When everything is completed, WBKL-Japan announces that you are head of the branch of WBKL-furinkazan by the website. As a result, you obtain the connection with the Karate Shihans in Japan.
WBKL reconfirms the recognition of the branch once every three years. The right of the branch is updated free if there is no trouble. The branch recognition is canceled also within three years when there is a big trouble (crime and remarkable violation of morality).

WBKL-Japan offers you the chance of training with Honbu Dojo in Tokyo. WBKL recognizes "Recognition Certificate of Best instructor, Best referee,Best coach and Best fighter " to you according to your training and/or the results.

And WBKL-Japan recognize the title of “Hanshi(範士),” “Kyoushi(教士),”and “Renshi(錬士)”: These are traditional honorary degrees given to Japanese traditional martial artists (Karatedo, Kendo, Judo, and Kyudo, etc.) These titles are not given just because the person has achieved a high-level Dan degree. Only after the person has displayed a record of longtime achievement, study results, and schooling history is he given a title.

WBKL-Japan give you the information that Japan and each country branch. Moreover, the activity report in each country drawn by the chief of each branch is positively announced Japan and all over the world by the website etc.
The participation expense to the WBKL-Japan championship is to be free to you and your student. (The making a passage expense and staying expense are the self-responsibilities)
WBKL recognizes one chief of the branch per country. Application has come from Iran, Germany, and Britain besides the branch that announces to public on this website now.

When you hope the chief of the branch,please fill in on the entry sheet, attach data that proves your Dan and position and inquire to WBKL-Japan by E-mail .
Please read

President (Soke) of WBKL-furinkazan,Japan    MOTOMORA , Masahiro


Respected several Shihan.

WBKL-furinkazan has not pursued the profit and has acted as a pure volunteer up to now. All the finance has depended on lesson fee of the Japanese students. We have contributed to international by not taking money from the developing country. Moreover, we have contributed to the improvement of their position by putting them in the league of the Karate of Japan. However,the finance of WBKL is amount that exceeds Japanese volunteerism now.
Needless to say, WBKL is not a public charity. We do not depend on a specific sponsor,government, enterprise and religion.WBKL is completely free from them.

Then, WBKL plan the payment of an accountable burden charge (annual membership fee) based on the same idea as the United Nations in proportion to the economic magnitude of several country (Concretely according to Nominal GDP (US dollar).This is a schedule, and details are undecided. We do not intend to make the amount of money expensive. This schedule has already executed in India, and agreed by Sri Lanka. Please understand for international development of WBKL. Thank you!

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